Oates’s achievements are indisputable for anyone who has read her work extensively. Her body of novels … is among the most wide-ranging in contemporary writing. …she is the nearest America could currently have to a national novelist.

—Gavin Cologne-Brookes, Dark Eyes on America: The Novels of Joyce Carol Oates

Protean and prodigious are surely the words that describe Ms. Oates. From the very beginning … her talents and interests and strengths have never found comfort in fashionable restraint. She’s sought, instead, to do it all—to face and brilliantly, inventively transact and give shape to as much of experience as possible, as if by no other means is a useful and persuasive gesture of moral imagination even conceivable.

—Richard Ford


For a fuller accounting of Joyce Carol Oates’s publications, see: The Glass Ark: A Joyce Carol Oates Bibliography


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