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Twelve Plays

By Joyce Carol Oates Only a select number of authors have been able to master the art of writing both fiction and drama. As Joyce Carol Oates, one of the […]

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The Orange

I hate to lie I hate lies and liars but sometimes I have to lie, saying I ate some food I didn’t, saying I didn’t lose any more weight, that kind of lie I’m forced to tell to keep prying eyes away, to keep prying thoughts away, wanting to enter my head like buzzing wasps.

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Writing for the Stage

Well-intentioned, print-oriented people are forever asking, “Doesn’t it upset you to see your characters taken over by other people, out of your control?” My reply is generally a mild one: “But isn’t that the point of writing for the theater?”

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Ontario Review 41

The 41st issue of Ontario Review, originally published Fall/Winter 1994–95, is now available online. Featuring photographs by Bill Ravanesi, the issue also includes a drama feature with plays commissioned for […]

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JCO on the Fringe

Two Joyce Carol Oates-related events will be presented at The New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC) in August: The first is a play based on  JCO’s novel Zombie. The play is adapted and performed by Bill Connington, who notes that “by the end of the play … you might feel some empathy for a man who has done horrible things. […]