In my writing for the theater I always have in mind, as an undercurrent shaping and guiding the surface action, the ancient structure of drama as a sacrificial rite.

Drama remains our highest communal celebration of the mystery of being, and of our being together, in relationships we struggle to define, and which define us. It makes the point, ceaselessly, that our lives are now; there is no history that is not now.

—Joyce Carol Oates, “Afterword,” Twelve Plays

Drama Collections

  • Wild Nights! and Grandpa Clemens & Angelfish 1906: Two One Act Plays / 2009
  • Dr. Magic: Six One Act Plays / 2004
  • New Plays / 1998
  • The Perfectionist and Other Plays / 1995
  • Twelve Plays / 1991
  • I Stand Before You Naked / 1991
  • In Darkest America: Two Plays / 1991
  • Three Plays / 1980
  • Miracle Play / 1974

For a fuller accounting of Joyce Carol Oates’s publications, see: The Glass Ark: A Joyce Carol Oates Bibliography

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