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American Melancholy: Poems

Oates concentrates her powerfully unnerving sensibility into poems that challenge and haunt.

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The Time Traveler: Poems

Joyce Carol Oates is best known, of course, as a novelist and short story writer. But she is also an essayist and critic, a playwright, and a poet of great distinction. The Time Traveler is a generous collection of Oates’s poetry from recent years.

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The Miraculous Birth

Christmas: The House Adrift in a wide white ocean of snow. Black December is a ditch winking overhead, but here beneath your parents’ roof the piecrust faces are dimpled by forks and the clock faces are round and smooth as buttons.

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Drowned at Birth

So we know, we are blessed! We are very special amid so many millions drowned in the Hai River as in the great Yangtze and how many millions perished in the Revolution of no more consequence than infant girls extinguished before they can draw breath or cry.

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Ontario Review 41

The 41st issue of Ontario Review, originally published Fall/Winter 1994–95, is now available online. Featuring photographs by Bill Ravanesi, the issue also includes a drama feature with plays commissioned for […]