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Thursday, June 11, 2020, 7-8:30 PM EDT

At Home with Literati: Joyce Carol Oates & Lillian Li
Literati Bookstore
Online via Zoom

Photo: New Hampshire Public Radio


  1. Dear Ms Oates – I would like to share – and I wonder – in your novel ” Blondes” which was so disturbingly – on mark – most likely – I still find myself unsettled – regarding the visuals – projected on page – as it regards the scene – by – John F. Kennedy – the president – and his treatment of Marilyn Monroe – Dear Norma Jean – and the subsequent treatment of her by his bodyguard – as well – I was so moved by this book in particular – I wish it could have been different for her –

    Thank You Ms Oates – I love reading your books. You are simply amazing –

    F. Imperial

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