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Joyce Carol Oates and France

Anne Korkeakivi writes about American literary fiction finding an audience in France. I asked Joyce Carol Oates about her avid French following. For me, the very sound of French spoken is musical, beautiful, subtly cadenced. Her involvement with French language began in high school; as an adult she has taught and published French literature. “This is my background for writing, and my relationship […]

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Gore Vidal

Joyce Carol Oates on Gore Vidal’s Lincoln: Prodigious Gore Vidal … so kaleidoscopic in his interests, his energies and the remarkable range of his talents, the Vidal voice is as readily discernible in the comic masterpiece “Myra Breckinridge” as in the somber meditation upon mortality “Two Sisters,” as fully present in those critical essays in which, out of habit perhaps, […]

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Dickens’s Night Walks

My favorite prose on the subject [of walking] is Charles Dickens’s “Night Walks,” which he wrote some years after having suffered extreme insomnia that propelled him out into the London streets at night. Written with Dickens’s usual brilliance, this haunting essay seems to hint at more than its words reveal. He associates his terrible night restlessness with what he calls […]

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Stone Award for Lifetime Literary Achievement

Joyce Carol Oates will receive Oregon State University’s inaugural Stone Award for Lifetime Literary Achievement in May. The biennial award is given to a major American author who has created a body of critically acclaimed work and who has – in the tradition of creative writing at OSU – been a dedicated mentor to young writers. The honorarium for the award […]

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France Honors Joyce Carol Oates

Not to be outdone by Italy, France shows its respect for JCO with two new awards. The first is the Prix Bel Ami where JCO’s novel After the Wreck, I Picked Myself Up, Spread My Wings, and Flew Away wins in the young adult category. The second is the Lucien Barrière Literary Award given to Blonde, which will be awarded at the Deauville […]

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Italy Honors Joyce Carol Oates

Joyce Carol Oates attended La Milanesiana 2010 (a festival of literature, music, film, and science), where on July 8th she received the Premio Fernanda Pivano (Fernanda Pivano Award for American Literature). The award is given annually to an American author whose writing has brought outstanding contributions to society. The first award was given in 2009 to Erica Jong. The festival […]