Spotted Hyenas: A Romance, by Joyce Carol OatesSix years after her first available ebook, Joyce Carol Oates offers a new story published exclusively on the Kindle. Except that it’s not. “Spotted Hyenas: A Romance” is published by the Atlantic, exclusively on Amazon’s Kindle, but if you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read the story.

All kindle content can be read not just on Kindles, but also on a Mac or  Windows PC; on an iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch; and on a Blackberry or Android Phone. So no excuses!

From the Amazon description of “Spotted Hyenas: A Romance”:

Exclusive to Kindle, Spotted Hyenas: A Romance tells the dramatic story of Marianna, who has been living in her big home, with her same-as-ever husband, ever since she dropped out of graduate school. But one night, home alone, she could have sworn someone—or something—was in the house, waiting for her. Confused, distracted, and with a pang of yearning, she finds herself looking up Robb Gelder, a celebrated biologist renowned for his work with spotted hyenas. It-s been twenty years since Marianna last saw Robb, working in his university lab. But she reaches out to him. The two meet briefly—and Marianna meets his hyenas. Returning home, she finds herself under something of a spell, hypnotized. Her sleep is erratic and disturbed, dream-shreds return to haunt her during the day at weak moments, making her heart jump, her mouth water.

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