best american essays 1999The Best American Essays

Winner2016: “The Lost Sister: An Elegy”

Winner2000: “They All Just Went Away” : (The Best American Essays of the Century)

Winner1999: “After Amnesia”

Winner1996: “They All Just Went Away”

Winner1986: “On Boxing”

best american mystery stories 2015The Best American Mystery Stories

Winner2019: “The Archivist”

Winner2018: “Phantomwise: 1972”

Winner2017: “The Woman in the Window”

Winner2015: “The Home at Craigmillnar”

Winner2013: “So Near Anytime Always”

Winner2009: “Dear Husband,”

Winner2008: “The Blind Man’s Sighted Daughters”

Winner2007: “Meadowlands”

Winner2006: “So Help Me God”

Winner2004: “Doll: A Romance of the Mississippi”

Winner2003: “The Skull”

Winner2002: “High School Sweetheart”

Winner2001: “The Girl with the Blackened Eye”

Winner1999: “Secret, Silent”

Winner1998: “Faithless”

Winner1997: “Will You Always Love Me?”

best american nonrequired reading 2011The Best American Nonrequired Reading

Winner2011: “A Hole in the Head”

best american poetry 1991The Best American Poetry

Winner2017: “To Marlon Brando in Hell”

Winner1991: “Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks, 1942”

best american short plays 1991-1992The Best American Short Plays

Winner2001-2002: When I Was a Little Girl and My Mother Didn’t Want Me

Winner1993-1994: The Interview

Winner1991-1992: Tone Clusters

bestam1967The Best American Short Stories

Winner2014: “Mastiff”

Winner2011: “I.D.”

Winner2005: “The Cousins”

Winner1996: “Ghost Girls”

Winner1992: “Is Laughter Contagious?”

Winner1991: “American, Abroad”

Winner1985: “Raven’s Wing”

Winner1984: “Nairobi”

Winner1982: “Theft”

Winner1981: “Presque Isle”

Winner1978: “The Translation”

Winner1977: “Gay”

Winner1973: “Silkie”

Winner1970: “How I Contemplated the World From the Detroit House of Correction, and Began My Life Over Again”

Winner1969: “By the River”

Winner1967: “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?” (This volume dedicated to Joyce Carol Oates)

Winner1965: “First Views of the Enemy”

Winner1964: “Upon the Sweeping Flood”

Winner1963: “The Fine White Mist of Winter

best little magazine fiction 1970The Best Little Magazine Fiction

Winner1971: “Through the Looking Glass”

Winner1970: “Unmailed, Unwritten Letters”

borestone mountain poetry awardsBorestone Mountain Poetry Awards

A Compilation of original poetry published in magazines of the English-speaking world.

WinnerBest Poems of 1973: “Siezure”

WinnerBest Poems of 1971: “A Friend Moving Out of Our Lives”

WinnerBest Poems of 1970: “Loving”

Horror: The Best of the Year

Winner2007: “Babysitter”

mammoth book of best new horror 2004The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror

Winner15th (2004): “The Haunting”

prize stories the o.henry awards 1986Prize Stories: The O Henry Awards

The year’s best stories published by American authors in American periodicals.

Winner2001: “The Girl with the Blackened Eye”

Winner1996: “Mark of Satan”

Winner1995: “You Petted Me, and I Followed You Home”

Winner1993: “Goose-Girl”

Winner1992: “Why Don’t You Come Live With Me It’s Time”

Winner1991: “The Swimmers”

Winner1990: “Heat”

Winner1989: 2nd Prize: “House Hunting”

Winner1988: “Yarrow”

Winner1987: “Ancient Airs, Voices”

Winner1986: Special Award For Continuing Achievement: “Master Race”

Winner1985: “The Seasons”

Winner1983: 2nd Prize: “My Warszawa”

Winner1982: “The Man Whom Women Adored”

Winner1981: “Mutilated Woman”

Winner1979: “In the Autumn of the Year”

Winner1978: “The Tattoo”

Winner1976: “Blood-Swollen Landscape”

Winner1973: 1st Prize: “The Dead”

Winner1972: 2nd Prize: “Saul Bird Says: Relate! Communicate! Liberate!”

Winner1971: “The Children”

Winner1970: Special Award For Continuing Achievement: “Unmailed, Unwritten Letters” and “How I Contemplated the World From the Detroit House of Correction, and Began My Life Over Again””It is a great pleasure to announce that the publishers of the series have established this year a new prize in connection with it: a Special Award for continuing achievement by a writer of established reputation. The award will be made at the discretion of the editor at such times as seem appropriate; and I am very pleased that it should be given for the first time to Joyce Carol Oates, a gifted writer whose achievements and reputation are a part of the history of the American short story in the 1960s.” —William Abrahams

Winner1969: 2nd Prize: “Accomplished Desires”

Winner1968: “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

Winner1967: 1st Prize: “In the Region of Ice”

Winner1965: “First Views of the Enemy”

Winner1964: “Stigmata”

Winner1963: “The Fine White Mist of Winter”

pushcart prize xxviii best of the small pressesThe Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses

WinnerXLII: “Undocumented Alien” (fiction)

WinnerXL: “The Childhood of the Reader” (nonfiction)

WinnerXXXVII: “Mudgirl, Saved by the King of Crows, April 1965” (fiction)

WinnerXXXIV: “Bonobo Momma” (fiction)

WinnerXXXII: “Nowhere” (fiction)

WinnerXXVIII: “Three Girls” (fiction)

WinnerXXVII: “The Instructor” (fiction)

WinnerXXV: “The Sharpshooter” (fiction)

WinnerXXIII: “Faithless” (fiction)

WinnerXX: “The Undesirable Table” (fiction)

WinnerXVI: “The Hair” (fiction)

WinnerXIV: “Party” (fiction)

WinnerXII: “Against Nature” (nonfiction)

WinnerVIII: “Notes on Failure” (nonfiction)

WinnerVII: “Detente” (fiction)

WinnerI: “The Halucination” (fiction)

year's best crime and mystery stories 2016The Year’s Best Crime and Mystery Stories

Winner2016: “Gun Accident: An Investigation”


Year’s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror

Winner2020: “The Surviving Child”


the year's best fantasy and horror sixth annual collectionThe Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror

WinnerTwenty-first Annual Collection, 2008: “Valentine, July Heat Wave”

WinnerTwentieth Annual Collection, 2007: “Landfill”

WinnerEighteenth Annual Collection, 2005: “Stripping”

WinnerEleventh Annual Collection, 1998: “The Sky-Blue Ball”

WinnerNinth Annual Collection, 1996 : “█████”

WinnerEighth Annual Collection, 1995: “Brothers”

WinnerSixth Annual Collection, 1993: “Martyrdom”

WinnerFourth Annual Collection, 1991: “Ladies and Gentlemen:”

WinnerThird Annual Collection, 1990: “Family”

WinnerFirst Annual Collection, 1988: “Haunted”

Year’s Best Mystery and Suspense Stories

Winner1993: “The Model”

Year’s 25 Finest Crime and Mystery Stories

Winner1987, 7th Annual Edition: “Death Cup”

Full Lists of Awards & Honors:

Nomination, long-list, short-list finalistnomination, longlist, shortlist, finalist

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