The portrait of Joyce Carol Oates used on the banner of this website [January 2015] is by Italian artist Paolo Galetto.

From his bio:

Galetto was born in Turin in 1962. He works and lives between Turin and Paris. He worked for a long time as a visualizer artist, realizing hundreds of storyboards for some of the most important brands in the world. In parallel he always painted, focusing on guaches and paper.

Joyce Carol Oates sketch by Paolo GalettoBeing somehow a very introspective and private person he waited almost 15 years before showing to the world his own work of art. His survey and researches began with the depiction of landscapes, then he explored the human figure and subsequently he focused on women shoes.

Among his commissioned serial works, where he tried to establish a connection point between his personal research and a broader and more incisive communicative aim , we can find the ‘Voguettes’, female portraits for VOGUE Italy. The gallery, named ‘Voguette by Paolo Galetto’, can be found on the magazine website. Starting march 2010 on the cultural page of the italian newspaper ‘La Stampa’, he portrays the most influential thinkers, philosophers, novelists and intellectuals of our time. For Bolaffi (a numismatics auctioneers company leader in Italy) he recently attended a series of anti-conventional portrays of the great protagonists of the Risorgimento.


Joyce Carol Oates/portrait/La Stampa
Joyce Carol Oates by Paolo Galetto — Watercolor on cotton paper/La Stampa 24/06/2012

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