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Last Days: Stories

A little girl who has witnessed a murder; a fragile, simple-minded woman deserted by her husband; a brilliant college student edging toward the brink of insanity; an American intellectual visiting in Poland, so closely identifying with “My Warszawa” that she finds her own sense of identity slipping away.

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A Widow’s Story: A Memoir

A Widow’s Story illuminates one woman’s struggle to comprehend a life without the partnership that had sustained and defined her for nearly half a century. As never before, Joyce Carol Oates shares the derangement of denial, the anguish of loss, the disorientation of the survivor amid a nightmare of “death-duties,” and the solace of friendship.

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From one of our most distinguished authors comes her most ambitious novel to date: an elaborate series of interlocking tales of six generations of the Bellefleur family and more than a century of American history.

We Were the Mulvaneys - Joyce Carol Oates
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We Were the Mulvaneys

You will not read a novel more enthralling, more moving, more unforgettably illumined by profoundly human truth than this story of the rise, the fall, and the ultimate redemption of an American family. That family is the Mulvaneys.

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By Joyce Carol Oates Loretta Wendall, her daughter Maureen, and her son Jules are “them”—three characters held together by corroding hatred and mute love. “Them” are also the forces that […]

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Marya: A Life

By Joyce Carol Oates “Amazingly gifted” was how The Times Literary Supplement recently described Joyce Carol Oates, and we would add “remarkably productive”—in 1984, not one but two of her works, the […]

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The Sacrifice

New York Times bestselling author Joyce Carol Oates returns with an incendiary novel that illuminates the tragic impact of sexual violence, racism, brutality, and power on innocent lives and probes the persistence of stereotypes, the nature of revenge, the complexities of truth, and our insatiable hunger for sensationalism.