Anne Korkeakivi writes about American literary fiction finding an audience in France.

I asked Joyce Carol Oates about her avid French following.

For me, the very sound of French spoken is musical, beautiful, subtly cadenced.

Her involvement with French language began in high school; as an adult she has taught and published French literature. “This is my background for writing, and my relationship with the French reading public may be related to it.” She also praises her translators.

Read the full article in The Millions.


  1. I personally very often read Joyce Carol Oates. After one page I just feel like reading the rest. And I have never been disappointed. I am especially keen on the depth and acuteness of her psychological analysis.
    I wish I could tell her about my unconditional admiration.


  2. Can anyone help shed light. (This is th only site I’ve managed to have a post go out from.) In “The Good Samaritan”, from Black Dahlia … the birthdates of the narrator and Anna, in context with the actual story, have left me really confused!


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