Joyce Carol Oates has a number of new stories out now:

“Dear Joyce Carol,” in the Spring 2008 issue of Boulevard. This issue also bears the following dedication:

In Memory of


editor of
Ontario Review
and Ontario Review Press,
beloved colleague
and friend.

Also out are “Suicide by Fitness Center” in the June 2008 issue of Harper’s Magazine.

And “The Beating” in the Spring 2008 issue of Conjunctions.

JCO will also have a new story in the following issue, Conjunctions:51, The Death Issue. The story is called “Dear Husband,” and will also be the title story of her forthcoming story collection in 2009. JCO notes, however, that the story had been written, and the title chosen for the book, long before the death of her husband Raymond Smith. It is just an ironic (and disturbing) coincidence.

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